Deadpool Comics On The Roof

Deep in the shadows of the hills of the belly of the heart of the depths of Kentucky lurks a wild...geek. Said geek is 22, an artist, a shipper of some dismally obscure fandoms, and occasionally a writer when she remembers to get her ass in gear.

This blog contains many ramblings about comics and characters thereof, especially Batfolk and their fabulous derrieres, badass self-made DC karate-ladies, Barda Free's everything, and a LOT of Savant and Creote. Also, infrequent babyducks. And any questions you might have about the way I run this place, don't gripe and whine behind my back - just tell me face to face! I'm open-minded! Say it all, then go upstairs and pack. The door's that-a-way.

When I grow up, I want to be regional folklore.